IHG Rewards Club

User Experience for Registration Flows
Redesigned Enrollment Confirmation Page for New Members

When a new member enrolls, they are more inclined to book, explore and learn more about our program and how they can gain more points/miles. But the current enrollment confirmation page is lacking visual appeal. All the great benefits offerred to members are merely listed as a bulleted list that users may skim and not pay attention to.

As of today, this page for US EN brings in an average of 90K page views with over 2,000 bookings and $850K in revenue per month. An estimated 10% increase in revenue from this page can generate an incremental $85K a month, which equates to a little over $1M of incremental revenue in a year.

Enhancing the visual design on this page will help highlight the key benefits to new members to increase awareness of them. Thus, this will drive additional bookings, up-sell opportunities, ancillary revenue, app downloads and IHG Rewards Club awareness.

Promotional visuals are introduced to the page, and are similarly styled to the marketing slots that appear on IHG.com, reflecting continuity throughout the enrollment experience. Targeted messaging is now relevant and concise, and will constantly update to reflect current campaigns that are running.