User Experience Consulting for iDA
Usability Testing for Website Redesign

iDA is giving IRAS a modern and sleek makeover. In an effort to draw more users to file their taxes online, a more user-friendly responsive website was designed. A few rounds of user testing with eye tracking were conducted to evalute the user experience with each iteration of enhancements.

The purpose of the tests is to evaluate the prototype and find out whether the new website is well received and easy to use by Singaporeans. All tests were conducted in a 1-to-1 method using eye tracking technology. The responsive website was tested on both desktop and mobile. Each respondent wass asked to complete a series of tasks, followed by a retrospective think aloud interview to understand their behaviour when performing the tasks.

Positive findings from the usability testing included participants preferring the new layout and organisation of information. Issues were also pinpointed with regards to the new website, and provided recommendations to improve it, such as removing horizontal scrolling on the mobile website.