Art Direction for National Shrimp Day Promotion

Every year, SeaPak celebrates National Shrimp Day, which falls on May 10th. The objective of this promotion is to increase sales between the two bigger annual promotions Lent (first half) and Shrimptacular (back half), by fostering excitement and increasing purchase frequency in already established SeaPak fans. Success will be measured by number of coupon prints, email open rates, referrals and click-throughs to

Countdown with SeaPak...

...and visit the National Shrimp Day landing page for new recipes and savings.

Click-through banner ads to SeaPak’s home page on websites such as

SeaPak fans will receive emails reminding them of the savings on National Shrimp Day.

And in leveraging social media, fun graphics on Facebook will drive traffic to SeaPak’s National Shrimp Day promotion.